Saturday, August 22, 2009

In My Mailbox 8/22

I received quite a few books this week. Of course, I received most of them from PBS, a few from Bookmooch and I bought a few with birthday money from Barnes and Noble. One was a birthday present.

I really am trying to make a list of what came from where, but with the amount of books that come in and out of this door, it's really not something that is easy to do!


  1. Happy B-day...or belated B-day. You got so many books that look so great!

  2. Great batch of books, I am actually reading White is for Magic right now! Happy Birthday, btw!! ;)

  3. You'll like Blue Bloods!! It's a really fun read. I've been wanting to read Blue is for Nightmares, just haven't got to it. Happy Birthday!!! :)